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After Cataclysm

During the development of FTD a new game was born.  Partially so we could have a test bed for some huge multi threading changes in FTD's codebase.  The result of this was a side project called 'Forgotten Shores.'  During the UK Games Fund funding process we changed our idea of where this project would go and to better fit the aesthetic we decided to rename the project "After Cataclysm."  This is also a tip of the hat to a popular FTD mod of the same name.  After Cataclysm sees a group of stranded sailors caught in the midst and aftermath of an alien invasion.  Having to form a bond with a stranded alien and its technology to survive in a harsh new environment.

It works along the same lines as From the Depths but has an extra layer of intricacy involved in the components and the bulk of the blocks technology level remains between age of sail and early world war 1.

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