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From the Depths

FTD has been in development since 2012.  A winner of the steam greenlight program it was allowed to enter Early Access.  It quickly captured the imagination of the builder game community and caught the eye of some prominent youtubers in the forms of Lathrix, Robbaz, Aavak and Enter Elysium.  As a result the game quickly sold over 100000 copies and allowed Nick to expand his team.  In 2020 there are now 12 people working on the title and it is due to go full release in October.

FTD is a voxel based builder game where you create vehicles to use against the nations of the planet Neter or in multiplayer matches or just for whatever you like really!  It has been lauded (and cursed) for how complex it can be and this complexity allows those who spend the time to learn the freedom to make things they normally can't in other games.

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